BTC corporate tax course


Description: You would only enroll for this course if you intend to apply for a Franchise operation of  RK International Inc. 

Dates:              TBA                           

Prerequisites:    Completion of our Courses 1 to 4 with a 

                                    minimum of 80% grade in each course (or

                                    exemption in specific courses granted by us) 

                                    and subject to our approval. Other conditions

                                    may apply.

Required:           Determination to succeed and a Franchise 

                                    Agreement to sign.

Training Hours: Individual one to one sessions.

Fees:                    Franchise Fees based on your location. You

                                     will have exclusive geographical areas.

Payment  can be made by credit/debit cards, cash or Email  transfer.

Certificate:           FRANCHISEE. Advertising and 

                                      operational support will be provided by the 

                                      Franchisor ( RK International Inc.)

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